Extend of Contract Letter Sample

An extend of contract letter sample is a document that is used to extend the term of a contract between two parties. This type of letter is often used in business transactions, employment agreements, and even in real estate contracts.

When drafting an extend of contract letter, it is important to ensure that the language used is clear and concise. The letter should also include the basic terms of the agreement, including the length of the extension, what the extension covers, and the date the extension will take effect.

Here is a sample extend of contract letter to give you an idea of what to include:


[Name of recipient]


[City, State ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient Name],

I am writing to request an extension of the contract between our companies dated [insert date]. The original contract was set to expire on [insert date], however, I am requesting an extension of [insert extension length] to allow us to complete our project obligations.

The purpose of the extension is to [insert reason for extension]. We are committed to fulfilling our obligations under the original contract and we are confident that with the additional time requested, we will be able to adequately complete the project.

The terms of the original contract will remain in effect during the extension period. Any amendments or modifications to the original agreement will be specified in writing and mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Please let us know if you agree to the terms of this extension by signing and returning one copy of this letter to our offices by [insert date]. If we do not hear from you within [insert time frame], we will assume that you agree to the terms outlined in this letter.

Thank you for your cooperation and support. We look forward to continuing our business relationship.


[Your Name]

[Your Company]

[Your Contact Information]

In conclusion, an extend of contract letter sample is an essential document that helps to formalize the extension of a contract between two parties. It is important to ensure that the letter is clear and concise, with all the terms of the extension outlined in detail. By following the sample letter provided above, you can draft your own extend of contract letter with ease and confidence.

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